As of July 1, 2015, the Nevada Secretary of State increased ALL list fees by $25.00. The Legislature has also made an increase to ALL Profit Corporation business license fees. The fees increased from $200.00 to $500.00!

The new fee to renew a corporation starts at $650.00 annually, depending on the capitalization of the company.


State Agent now offers the same services in Wyoming as we do in Nevada!

To better service our clients who are not physically located in Nevada, we have established an office in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

See the benefits for yourself: or call us with your questions 800-253-1013.


We can assist you in changing the domicile of your company from Nevada to Wyoming.  We can also form new companies if you are just getting started in business.

Since we are not Attorneys, we do recommend that you consult your legal and accounting professionals for advise and direction.


We understand how important it is to watch over your monies, for this reason, we have established ourselves in Wyoming to benefit YOU and your business.


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