Maintain minute book and other records.

It is important to demonstrate the business’ validity with careful record keeping.  The Corporate/LLC/LP Kit provides an appropriate place to protect the records, although any dedicated notebook may be sufficient.  The important thing is to do it!

Make periodic reports

Consult with legal and accounting professionals to determine what reports need to be made to governmental agencies and with what frequency.  Establish appropriate noticing methods to keep owners apprised of the activities and status of the business.

Keep Registered Agent informed

We must be advised of any changes of address/ telephone number/fax or email in the interim between filing the annual lists.  In order for us to serve you properly, it is imperative that the List arrives in our office before the due date each year.

File the Annual Lists promptly

The client is to revise and mail to State Agent and Transfer Syndicate, Inc. the Annual List as soon as possible after it is received from us.  We mail you your list at least six weeks before it is due.

For corporations, the annual meeting should be scheduled to allow for the election of officers and directors in ample time before the need for reporting the new officers on the List of Officers.

The Annual List, with payment, must be sent to State Agent and Transfer Syndicate to insure the business’ good standing.  State Agent and Transfer Syndicate, Inc. will bring its records up to date and will then deliver the List to the Secretary of State.


The most important reason for selecting State Agent and Transfer Syndicate, Inc. to handle your corporate work in Nevada is our friendly, competent and personal service.