What’s Your Name On?

As a consumer, I personally decline when asked for my email or phone number at the close of a purchase. Why? Well, when it gets right down to it, my email is overflowing with spam that the filter does not catch, my phone is for those who I want to keep in contact with and my mailbox is for letters, bills and birthday cards.

Signing up to win stuff is a fun idea or dream, but I refuse to sign up for a “game” because so many companies sell their customer information to the public.

Incorporating can put your name out on Public Record as well, but when you choose to utilize the services of State Agent and Transfer, you will find that you have options. We actually encourage you to use our office address when submitting your documents to the Nevada Secretary of State.

In our office we go to great lengths to help to keep your information private. We actually protect your name and address from telemarketers and publications. IT’S NOT FOR SALE!

Our clients use our address and minimize sifting through the mass amounts of junk mail received because we only forward first class mail to the directed location.

To further protect our clients, we shred all undesirable mail with a professional company who provide medical grade shredding services.

So ask yourself, what’s my name on?

Please contact our office with any questions you may have.

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